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Rome, Italy Digital Nomad Guide

Who is this guide for?


Save months of time and money figuring out how to make the most out of your Italian experience as a Digital Nomad.



- You are a remote worker, digital nomad, entrepreneur, location-independent human



- You want to travel Rome, Italy while working remotely



- You don't feel like searching the web for hours and hours to plan your trip



- You want to land & have everything figured out



- It's your first time visiting Rome, Italy and you trust our recommendations.

Rome, Italy Digital Nomad Guide

  • This in-depth 23-page guide includes:


    • Why you should choose Rome, Italy as a Digital Nomad destination
    • Visa regulations to get over to Italy
    • Transportation and how to get around efficiently
    • Top neighbourhoods to stay in and best ways to find accommodation in Rome, Italy.
    • Top co-working offices and cafes to work remotely from. All links are clickable and will redirect to Google Maps.
    • Italian food; best places to eat and the Italian cultural do's and dont's.
    • Famous must-sees in Rome, Italy and some on the unbeaten path and activities to do on the weekends.
    • Italian language basics to get around and get friendly with the locals.
    • Links to Digital Nomad and Expat community groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and Slack to socialize with digital nomad friends
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