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Neroli Fashion – Aromatherapy Eau de Parfum

EGPSY Aromatherapy Signature Scent Neroli Fashion is a cuddle from Mother Nature that offers an emotional balance. Warm, youthful, and radiant.

Fruity, narcotic floral, resinous woody.


EGPSY products are always:


  • Raw: 100% pure, natural, and ethical. Synthetics and toxin-free.
  • Rustic: Handcrafted in small batches. Imperfection is a part of this process.
  • Real: Connection is important. We are here and you are welcome every time.
  • Rich: A part of your payment always goes to serve the ones in need.

Neroli Fashion – Aromatherapy Eau de Parfum

  • Made of natural perfumer alcohol and pure essential oils.
    Free of synthetic or aroma chemicals.
    Sustainable and durable.
    Eco- responsible rechargeable bottle

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