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10 Productivity Tools for RemoteWorkers

Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad, working remotely while enjoying the freedom of travel?

Here at Nomad Haven we help coach people who want to work remotely while also traveling the world ie. becoming digital nomads. We take you from your initial idea of being location independent and progress step-by-step until you are free from the 9-5.


Who is this guide for?


  • You want to work as remote worker while also traveling the world as a Digital Nomads. 
  • You want to find remote job opportunities and get in touch with the right people
  • You want to understand how to reach these people and the best words and phrases to use to get their attention


Why is it paid? 


The resources I recommend are only added because they have personally worked for me. To keep giving you knowledge and sharing these resources I make this resources at an affordable low cost for you to get started immediately.

This is my normal life.


This is my usual life. 


I want this to become your normal usual life too.

10 Productivity Tools for RemoteWorkers

  • This 11-page Resource Guide includes:

    •  7 Facebook Digital Nomad groups that got me clients
    • 13 remote job boards (the founders are all friends of mine) With each of the links you can sign-up to their newsletters 
    • 2 pages of tips & tricks on getting an online remote job
    • 4 email & messaging templates proven to demonstrate a high response rate from global remote working companies
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